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Be a Winner at Miss America Slot Machine

AC Coin and Slot distributed a very interesting slots game in Miss America slot machine. This slot machine is one of the most familiar slot machine contracts. Miss America slots carries the most well-groomed beauty show in the planet to the casino ground.

Still much better, profits from Miss America slot machines supports hundreds of scholarships grants are given out every year by the organizers of Miss America Foundation.

Miss America Slots is a simple 25-cent slot machine. The largest roll-over prize on the machine is 625 dollars. That indicates that you will be scoring strikes on Miss America slots game more often, because the payout schedule is dispersed for an assortment of lesser prizes.

The Miss America Slots Bonus Game

As luck would have it the Miss America slot machine bonus game is bears a resemblance to the Honeymooners Slots Bonus Game. When Miss America's bonus game activates, you will necessitate to match three part of a Miss America grand winner together. If you gather together the contender's head, upper body and legs, you guaranteed of the big roll-over prize.

Miss America Slots Visuals

It's hard to fail to spot this slot machine in a casino floor. Foremost, Miss America slots come laden with photos of previous Miss America winners. Second, at the top of the slot machine, you will notice a crown lying on soft and red velvet colored pillow. The interactive stage makes a good impression on this game, too. A part of this stage is the Miss U.S.A. trivia questions.

Miss America Beauty Pageant History

This beauty contest is the longest-running competition of its type in North America. The Miss America beauty contest was first held in 1921. The champions of each state level competition win university scholarships.

The organizers of Miss America avoid utilizing the phrase "beauty contest", since the swimsuit and evening wear portion of the pageant counts for merely one third of the entire competition. Other parts of the contest take account of a confidential interview, the talent contest and an onstage inquiry.

A few past Miss America competitors have articulated concerns on the subject of a Miss America slot machine. Of all beauty and brain pageants, Miss America has a high-pitched clean image. But because the slots earnings help launch youthful women to university, it's difficult to argue with Miss America slot machine success.

Miss America and Atlantic City

In 1968, the only time Miss America was held in Atlantic City the gambling capitol of the east Coast, feminist activists started what then develop into an annual protest of the Miss America competition. They disputed that beauty pageants are demeaning the status of young women.

These ended in a 1996 phone survey to decide if Miss America Pageant should have its established swimsuit portion. An overpowering 85% of that poll wanted to continue the contest.

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