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Enjoy Playing Jeopardy Slots

Jeopardy Slots is considered one of the world's popular and exiting slot machines. Jeopardy slots are a 5-reel and 9-payline slot machine game avails players of a progressive jackpot. It is one of IGT"s designed slot machines in the market today.

After International Gaming Technology hit it big with The Wheel of Fortune slots, also a popular slot machine game, ITG came out with Jeopardy Slots to succeed The Wheel of Fortune slots. This slot machine is positioned in every casinos entrance. In the advent of online gambling's network Jeopardy slots grows in numbers and is now part of progressive jackpot network games in online casinos.

Jeopardy Slots offer players several coin options. Having a huge progressive jackpot doesn't qualify Jeopardy slots as a high-roller game. A maximum of 45 coins can be played in this game whenever you wager a $5 coins. Since, most of Jeopardy slots are nickel games, all you have to do is to wager $2.25.

Jeopardy slots offer several bonus games that players like so well. The bonus round starts whenever a player hits Jeopardy icons, it must be more than 3 icons. While Alex Trebek tells the action this free bonus game entitles the player to win big amount of money he chooses.

Just like the Jeopardy television show Jeopardy slots do have a bonus game called "Double Jeopardy". . Hitting 3 or more Double Jeopardy symbols trigger this bonus game. Both Double Jeopardy! and the Jeopardy! Bonus' games have the same mechanics. Squares are lined up for you to look out and select one. This board contains money value which is added to your entire coins.

Jeopardy slots have also a 2x multiplier icon available in the bonus game. Hitting this icon will trigger the machine to double whatever The Double Jeopardy bonus game offers two sets of 2x multiplier. The bonus round stops when a Final Jeopardy icon is hit. But there exists another chance to gain additional bucks if only you can pick the right square amongst 5 squares. Bonus money generated by player might be doubled.

Jeopardy slots top reel progressive jackpot is given if you could muster 5 Jeopardy icons on the 9th payline. This slot game feature propels Jeopardy Slots among the best slot machine games in the world. The $100,000 progressive jackpot is added to other machines in other places through the network system in online casinos. Flat top that are not linked to a network is also available.

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