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How to Play Slot Machines and Win

Slot machines are a dime and a dozen in the casinos. It is where most of their revenue comes from. Why are slot so popular? Well, for one, they are a no-brainer to use; any amateur can play them. For two, slot machines offer the largest jackpot prizes anywhere in the gambling world. For a dollar, you could win a million! Now wonder slots rule in the casinos.

Many kinds of slot machines exist. There the classic 3-reel & 1-payline slots, multi-line slots, progressive jackpot slots, online slots and video slots to name some. Mo matter what kind of slot machine it is, it always works in the same way. Final combinations that make the payline are all made by a computer chip known as a random number generator. How often symbols appear depends on how many stops it has in the random number generator's memory. The more stops on the reels a symbol has, the more often it will appear based on the law of probability. Naturally, the most valuable symbols have the fewest stops. That makes a jackpot very difficult to hit.

Jackpots do happen all the time though. A slot machine's random number generator never stops running, not even when the casino shuts down. But it is only when someone makes the slot spin that the results are known; the symbol combination at work in the computer the moment a spin is made is where the reels will stop. So if somebody hits the jackpot right after you left a slot machine, don't feel bad. For you to have hit it too you would've had to spin at the exact millisecond as they did.

To play slot machines correctly, make sure of a few things:

First, play a slot machine you can afford. Slots can be as high as $10 per spin to as low as a penny like in multi-payline slots. Why pay more when you can have the same fun for less? Just remember that the bigger the coin size you play, the more generous the slot machine may be.

Second, find the loosest slots. Go to a casino and see where the winners are often at. It is these slots that are a "come on" for new players. Otherwise, look for loose slots on the Internet where they generally pay better than in live casinos.

Third, determine if the slot machine offers bonus payouts for maximum bets, and if so, bet the maximum. For example: If a one-coin wager wins 100 credits, a two-coin bet earns 200, and a three-coin bet gets 300, then there is no bonus payout and it makes no difference how many coins you play. But if the third-coin (or whatever the maximum is) bet pays say, 500 credits then it is a bonus payout and you had better play with max bets.

Fourth, don't forget your slot club card. Since slot machines can never be beaten in regular play, you should take advantage of all rebates the casino has to offer. A slot club card entitles you to comps, cash back, rebates, free gifts and a host of other benefits depending on the casino.

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