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Elvira Slot Machine is a Must Try for Slots Players

Behold the Mistress of the Dark is going to grace our online slots game with the Elvira slot machine brought to us by the one and only International Game Technology. For the past 2 decades, Elvira has just been a character on a show but the Elvira slot is now here to join other horror themed slots such as the Addams Family slot and Dawn of the Dead.

The Elvira slot machine first made its introduction into online slots in 1996 but the Elvira slot machine then, has certainly progressed to a slot game that is much more fun and exciting. The Elvira slot machine has 3 reels, takes in nickels and is linked to a network of other slot machines thereby offering a progressive jackpot. For those who enjoy horror themed slots with a funny twist, the Elvira slot is sure to provide us with hours and hours of entertainment.

The Elvira slot machine is part of the line up of spooky slots and because it is networked, every time someone has a go on the Elvira slot, they contribute to the growing progressive jackpot. In fact the Elvira slot is the record holder in its league when it comes to the biggest progressive jackpot won at an astounding 3.2 million dollars. The default progressive jackpot for the Elvira slot is no small amount though. The Elvira slot machine offers a minimum jackpot amount of one hundred thousand dollars. Like any progressive slot, just because someone has recently won, this does not mean that the slot machine will not let anyone else win in the near future.

The Elvira slot is also packed with bonus rounds and of course, to keep the player entertained while waiting for the next spin, as well as to keep them glued to their seat, there are also clips from the show. The Elvira slot is proud to have evolved into and now offers Elvira's Hot 7, making it one of International Game Technology's pride.

Before playing the Elvira slot machine though, one should already have in mind how much they are willing to spend on the Elvira slot. This is gambling after all, and although we might get lucky and win, there are still chances that we won't. Whether the Elvira slot is being played at a land based casino or the online version is preferred by the slots player, Elvira is sure to capture one's attention and guarantees that it will find itself in the slots player's list of favorite slot machines.

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